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Overstretched abdominal muscles and skin Lock Rss

Hi there,

My stomach muscles and skin were very stressed during my pregnancy. I was wondering if there was anyone in the same situation or have been in this situation and has any advice on how to cope with this issue? Will the skin get back to normal after a while?

hi there
i had a ceasar with both my children so i don't know if that makes our situations different. with my first (DD 3yrs) i didn't get many stretch marks so my skin was only soft and flopping where the stretch marks were and seemed to improving as time went on, with my second (DS 11weeks) he was 10lb 11(4.8kg) and i got really bad stretch marks all over my stomach, in big circles around my belly button, the skin is stretched and awful, i don't think it will ever go back. i have been walking/jogging everyday hopping it will improve but i'm begining to think my bikini tummy has gone. i was told vitamin E cream or bio oil is great for reducing stretch marks as for your tummy muscles pilaties and yoga are great for streghthening your core.


Thanks for replying. I did use bio oil and vitamin e cream during my pregnancy. Didn't stop me getting stretch marks. I am still using vit e cream. I don't mind the marks. I guess time will tell with the saggy skin. I still look like I am pregnant but big t-shirts disguise that somewhat. I can do crunches, but I can't do leg lifts. So maybe my muscles are still weak.
I have 9 week old twin girls, and as you can imagine with twins i was absolutely huge so i know what your talking about!! I have masses amount of flab still but with exercise etc i have noticed it has gone down a lot...i've still got a long way to go but i'm patient.. As long as you keep exercising it'll get back to shape.
Wow, your girls are adorable.

I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Am thinking of starting low impact exercises (I still can't do leg-lifts), perhaps that would help with the stretchy skin and weak muscles. I'm resigned to the fact that I may not regain the perfectly toned abs and elastic skin before I got pregnant. But I would do it all again - my 12 week old is worth the battle scars!
my stomach was huge while i was pregnant and i put on 30kg so now my stomach has ALOT of stretch marks and is saggy.but, as summer07 said, it is well worth it all!!
i had a c section with my first child 5 weeks ago, and i signed up to the gym. start next week so hopefully il start seeing some results. not completely fussed over it just want to be fitting back into my old clothes as dont have too much choice at the mo.

He''''''''s bubbalicious!

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