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I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long they waited until they started exercising after giving birth and what kind of things you can do.

I used to walk a lot, go jogging and go to the gym. Then I fell pregnant and was hit with morning sickness which lasted all day. I went from being quite active, to doing no exercise at all (but work did keep me active!).

Now my bubs is 4 weeks old, I want to get back into it. Not the gym though. I need to have her close by!
It isn't to lose weight, so please nobody think I want to have my pre-baby body back like the body wasn't that great to start with! LOL
I just want to get some fitness back, and it was what I liked to do. Some people cook, others listen to music, I did fitness stuff!

I do walk now...when she isn't screaming or due for a feed when DH goes to walk the dog. I probably walk 3 times a week. I feel like I am ready to do more...even if it is just sit ups and push ups. Are there DVDs out there for after the birth exercise? I don't want to do something too early which could damage some muscles (which I am hoping are still there somewhere!).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Kyles14

Try contacting the hospital where your baby was born. I know the hospital I had DD at ran plenty of post-natal fitness classes where you can take bub along and learn excercises you can do with your baby. Alternatively you could ask your Community Health Nurse if there is anything in the area. Personally I've just stuck with walking which is great for the mind as well as the body. Not sure about DVD's but you could try Google and see if there's anything out there.

Good luck!


Thanks for that Kellie
I have a CHN appointment next week so I will ask her. I always think that they are there for baby only, forget they are there for mums as well!!!
I don't remember the hospital ever advertising fitness programs...they let you know of everything else with monstrous amounts of brochures!!! But something I can see about if CHN doesn't deliver!

Upon discharge from the hospital I was given a pamphlet stating the exercises you can do for each stage ie; first 6 weeks walking and shoulder lifts (not crunches) etc. It was really helpful. I'm sure your CHN will be able to help.

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