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How long after a ceaser is it safe to do crunches or other ab excersizes?
At the mo I am just walking but I don't think that is going to move the tummy flab much!

wait till after your 6 week appointment with the doctor...and ask him as he'll be able to tell how your going etc.. I just went walking until then and at about 8 weeks i started going to Curves womens fitness...It still hurts when i do that but at least i know i'm allowed to.
Please do not stress! I did and got all down about the flab that does not diappear like Posh - she must have some super magic undies.

I trained with my trainer until 6 days before my son was born. This involved doing lower tummy crunches only from about 5 months. I had an elective ceaser. I did ask at my 6 week check up (good idea) but will depend on how much the abs have separated - mine did not at all.

That said, I went back to training once a week when DS was 12 weeks old and I think (?) I started doing slow crunches at around 10 weeks post - my attitude was, if it hurts, don't do it! I also thought that if I could power walk with pram for hour and have no post pain then I was ready to go back to gym and this worked for me.

I have always been slim and did not put on too much weight with bub but still felt awful. In hindsight, I should have just not cared as was healthy and had JUST HAD A BABY and MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY.

My DS is 15 months old. I am now back to pre birth weight if not quite shape (ha!) and am still not doing all I was pre baby.

Good luck and just enjoy the quiet moments - such a cliche but true.

Thanks chick,
that is a pretty inspiring post =)

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