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ewwww blood Lock Rss

Sorry TMI question.

How long is it normal to bleed for? I had a ceaser and it is still going on =(

I got the lochia for 3 weeks then it returned around the 5 week mark for another 3 weeks. Annoying isn't it. I still have to wear a pantyliner 14 weeks later due to ongoing discharge (sorry TMI!!!)

Ewww thanks =(
Just found out that I have a bug in my ceaser wound, hopefully the bleeding will ease when that is sorted.

I think it is normal to bleed for up to 12 weeks. I always thought that it was less for ceasar, but apparently not. I think I got lucky though - I've only been using liners for the last 3 weeks, my bubs is 6 weeks now (I had a VB).
My little girl is 6 weeks old and I am sick of it too. Its jsut enough to really anoy me. Grrr
I bled for at least 6 weeks with all my kids (i had VD's) then my first period after was scary!! I thought i was dying, i was bleeding that much!

This is probably info overload but i was bleeding through a heavy duty tampon AND a heavy duty pad within an hour and a half! Apparently this is quite common!
It's not something that they warn you about in books though! Thats why i tell those who have just had kids not to freak out, just see a doc though if you get a bit light headed from blood loss!

I wouldn't worry too much about your initial bleeding though. i think its meant to go on for a while. I think it is nature's way of saying "well, you haven't had your period in 9 cop this!!!"
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