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Hi i am not sure what is going on but i wanted to get the feelers out and see if anyone else has experienced this.
My baby is four months old this week. My period has not yet returned but i have a period belly ache almost constantly at the moment- the wierdess things however is that my hair has started to fall out at a much faster rate and there is a lot more falling out. I am otherwise fit and healthy I have never experienced this before and i have not changed the way i care for my hair at all i still use same products etc. Has this happened to anyone else
My hair is falling out too but i have read that about three months after the birth alot of hair will fall out because hair gets thicker in pregnancy.
I have heard this is normal too. My sisters baby is 6 months old and she has been losing her hair for a while now.

This happened after I had my first baby. It seemed to go on for ages and then I started growing new hair just near my ears and all it did was poke out. Couldn't do a thing with it until it got some length. Strange what happens to your body isn't it.
Hair loss is completely normal, I lost alot after the birth of my DD especially around my face so I cut in a fringe to hide the new growth underneath. I'm just growing out the fringe now because I hate it but am 30 weeks pregnant again so am wondering if I should just keep the fringe because chances are I'll be doing it again!
It doesn't help you to feel good about yourself though:-(

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