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who ever will listen... Lock Rss

to me venting.. im so buggered.. lm ready to collapse. i have an EXETREMLY difficult 2 year old with aspergers syndrome with autistic traits, and an 8 week old, l have terrible health, (crohns disease) my husband works between 70 and 90 hours a week, my mum cant really help me she cant handle my kids my son is wayyy beyond what she cant handle, my husband cant handle being home alone with the kids while i go grocery shopping, like he cant handle my sons wild behaviour, my peadiatrican today said my sons behaviour is beyond anything he has seen and referred my son to the nsw department of health for a formal assesment and help for me with him.. as none of my family can handle to to kids, exect me and im really ready to colapse.. i have lost 8kg in 3 weeks as i cant eat as im soooooo stressed...
anyone have a soon with aspergers? love to hear from u..
[Edited on 13/12/2007]
Oh no! You poor thing sounds like you are really having a hard time sad

My nephew will be 9 in February and has aspergers and used to be a real handful for my sister as she has an older daughter, 20months apart.

I'm sure you've probably researched into everything with this and I don't have any hands on experience but I know that my sister will not let us feed my nephew cheese because it sends him off, as well as all the usual suspects.

Sorry I don't have any help but if you would like to chat please feel free to pm.

As for the no eating thing, I was a bit of a shocker for a few weeks not eating due to stress until DS was diagnosed with reflux and we got that out of control. I found that my saviour was canned soup. Dunno if you like it, but I find it easy to pop in the microwave and easy to eat. I like minestrone as it has veges as well as pasta so filling and somewhat good for you.

take care

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