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sounds selfish but struggling with body image after pregnancy Lock Rss

Hey all,

I know this sounds extremly selfish But I am really struggling with my body image this time after pregnancy.
It is baby #3 for me so you'd think I'd be used to the pre-pregnancy flab & extra weight gain but this time its really bothering me.

With all 3 pregnancies Ive put on huge amounts of weight (Ob says thats just me being unlucky) as Ive eaten well all 3 & looked after myself but still gained 30kgs with #1, 40kgs with #2 & 25kgs with #3.
With no. 1 & 2 I lost all the weight both times to return to a size 10. When i had #1 i had returned to 'normal' within 4months or so. #2 took alot longer almost 2 years of hard work to get it all off then we decided to have #3. Ive got 10kgs to go & I feel like its never going to move. Its only 6 weeks today since I had a c/s with her so I know I shouldnt be stressing or feeling this way but I am.

Who else may be feeling similar or struggling with similar issues?

Im on the tony ferguson diet to try help lose these extra kgs fast as I need to feel good about myself again. I lost 3kgs last week but so far this week no loss sad

Im out walking every afternoon & of course being a mum to 3 young children im always busy.

Sorry for the whinge just needed to get it out as DH isnt really much support when it comes to weight loss he says the typical male/husband thing not wanting to get in the look fine your not fat blah blah but I know I am.

We had family pics done when youngest was only 3 weeks old & I looked SO FAT in the pics we didnt order any as was to embaressed to show anyone or have sitting on my wall sad Silly Huh!
Dont worry... I have the same body image problems! I have had three kids and put on sooooooo much weight too! I went on a milkshake diet for 5 weeks, without much success. I actually found that belly dancing helped me more than anything!

I actually taped a program off foxtel teaching you how to do it, but i don't watch it anymore... i turn up the music and really swing my hips around while i'm cleaning!

Already in two weeks, i have dropped a dress size!

I make every excuse i can to go to town too. I found that carting around kids around the shops for a couple of hours is good exercise too!

Wow...after reading this i sound like an advertisment ad, lol! all i can recommend is that you find an exercise program that suits you! You don't need to fork out lots of money for gyms or anything like that. Just do something fun,and you will find that it helps!

i put on 40kg with ds and lost it all on a tablet called reductil.. took about 12 months but i was happy..
this time i put on the same! well 38kg... i have lost 8 kg in the last 29 days im rapped! my doctor said its to fast but im happy with it.. i've now lost 19kg of the 38 i gained this last pregnancy, lm very happy with these tablets , very expensive but oh so worth it! .......$140 a month.

my "normal" weight is 60kg so both times i got to around 100kg. im now 81 and loosing weight my the day! seriously!
Hi Bec

You don't sound selfish! I know how you feel.

I have not even had my baby yet, I have but on 11.5kg so far and I feel very fat. I know logically that I have a baby in my belly and its natural to put on weight, but I still have isues, I really feel ugly.

I am worried about how I will feel after the birth. I already have my eating plan ready to put on the fridge and I have already planned my mum to babysit so I can hit the gym.

Its strange how we go through pregnancy and labour then still feel the need to beat ourselves up about the way we look!

PS: LOL at your family pic story! I hid from the camera on xmas day. Everyone kept wanting one of my 'belly' and the few that were taken I look like a keg on legs!

take care.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

hey all...

still plodding along here LMAO! I started my diet properly on 1/1/08 & have lost 3kgs in 10 days so thats cool. ive got 7kgs to get to mini goal then will reasses if to loose another 5kgs.

still feel HUGE!!!! FAT & UGLY!!!

how does reductil work?

my dr told me to aim for a 1kg p/month loss! haha yeah right that'd take me 12months to do...

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