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Our little girl is 19 days old (1st bub). I dont know if im being lazy or unmotivated but I find each day sooo chalenging. When it comes to housework, Im absoloutely exhausted afterwards. I just dont have energy! We get a rough sleep or 6/7hrs of broken sleep a night. If I do housework I cant be fagged to get out the house afterwards, I'll just stay home. Im breastfeeding as well. Do our sound strange?


Routine? I wish i could have one! You are certainly not strange. I think we have some kind of rountine then bang something changes and it all goes out the window. I have a 7 week old and almost 3 year old, so wish I could get the hang of one. I wouldn't concern yourself to much with the house work. Make sure you look after you first. You are most important, other wise you can't look after bub. With my first i worried to much about the house work and missed to much. This time I'm taking the time to play and enjoy my girls company. The housework can wait, it's not going anywhere. I just tend to clean when there is an extra hand around and only do the essentials - like washing and cleaning the toilet. It will improve, so just make sure you enjoy your little girl.

Amy -Mikala 21.02.2005 & Abby 31.10.2007

Doesn't sound strange to me. I was like that for the first 8 weeks! Getting better though, still a challenge to get motivated to go out and DS is nearly 4 months old tongue He hates the pram so I have to sling him and he is getting so heavy that after an hr or so my back starts to hurt if I haven't sat down. Also he hates b/f while we are out so have to make sure that we are somewhere where it can be quiet for him to feed :S have to get him out of these things so I can have some kind of life back.

Good luck and don't worry too much about the housework, get as much sleep as you can when your DD sleeps so you can have the energy to b/f and get up to her etc.

i was like that with my ds, if not worse, i was lucky to have 2 hours sleep in a row when he was under 2 months! he was a shocker! he's good now (2yrs old).. now i have 2 kiddies my routine, well not not really a routine just tips, is when the kids go down at night i get most of the house work done so when i wake the house is clean, like i'll put washing on either hang it at night or leave it in the machine and hang in the morning.. do bottles a night (your breast feeding .. lucky there) first thing i change their nappies, get ds's breaky while i make dd's bottle, give him his break then give bubs her bottle, put a dvd on for ds put dd down in portacot for play then i have breaky! and the house is clean.. so thats how i manage but it does mean going to bed a bit late like 10.30-11.00..

i find im eating super well and it must be giving me energy cos i feel great, for 2 kids im happy lm not buggered, and i've lost 8kg in 5 and a bit weeks.. i reacon my secret is salmon on vita weets for lunch and yogurt.
my DD is 18 days old and i have no routine. and i have not done housework besides the basic musts like washing up since i got home from hospital!

(needless to say the house looks like a bomb hit it)

I get bugger all sleep, 6/7 hours broken sleep a night would be AWESOME for me!

And i have not left the house in almost a week - going slightly crazy but its too much of an effort.

Im breast feeding too...

sounds like you are doing really well! im jealous!
My bubs was born 13th Nov, a month early, we came home from hospital and I felt like I had to be 'Superwoman' and do everything like I used to, I soon learned in a hurry that wasn't possible!! Not only was I tired and couldn't concentrate, I found I was feeling sad and hopeless more than normal as well as a few other things, but I finally listened to people telling me to sleep when they sleep and just do the basics (washing/dishes/toilets) when I could, its hard to sleep during the day especially when you are not used to it! I felt guilty and lazy at times but have learnt I cope and function better if I have at least one sleep or nap during the day! I don't pay attention to how much sleep I get during the night as a being a former sleep lover I just get frustrated and try to hurry bubs feeds (i breastfeed) just so I could get back to sleep quicker, now I take it as it comes (this is when the day sleep helps u cope with night feeds)
get help where and when you can also!!
sorry for the rambling!! gasp)

Sounds pretty typical to me! One day at a time. Housework is not important for a few months. Sleep when you can. Good luck, I'm sure you're doing a fantastic job, but we do naturally put pressure on ourselves to have a clean house, baby in routine etc. I'm due any day and reckon this time my house will be even more of a mess as i now realise how unimportant it is for a while.

Absolutely not! If someone isn't going through what you are then that is strange.

I wish someone had told me this when I was in your position ... but it DOES get better. The first 6 weeks for me were definitely the toughest and it was directly related to sleep deprivation & learning the ropes. Once your bub settles into a good night routine & you are better rested you will be much better able to cope during the day and will eventually look forward to going out.

Just do what you can for now and you'll sort out a routine that suits you in the coming months. Tidying up before bed is a good idea, just put things away so the house atleast looks tidy when you wake up in the morning. Then just clean slowly, maybe one or two jobs every day and you'll keep on top of it. I used the dryer for the first couple of months because I couldn't be bothered hanging washing out. Find shortcuts or things that work for you.

I know it's cliche but they do grow soooo fast so make sure your priorities are rest for you, lots of water & good food & spending time with your beautiful little baby.

Best of luck!


Sounds like you're putting too much pressure on yourself, looking after a newborn is a full-time job on its own and just doing that makes you an incredible woman it's not an easy job, in fact it's probably one of the hardest jobs a person could ever do!

I was given an idea a couple of weeks ago...each day write down a couple of jobs that you know you will be capable of doing and once you've completed them tick them off. At the end of the day then you will be able to focus on the fact you were able to get some things done rather than paying attention to the amount of things you didn't do!

I've also been able to rely on my partner/parents to give me one day a week where they look after my son and I do all the major cleaning without disruptions. It can make the week ahead so much more positive as I'm not holding my son thinking of all the things I need to be doing instead I can focus all my attnetion to him. If you have that support it can be very handy?.

Good luck and remember your doing a fantastic job!

i had a routine with my new born born 20 november 5 weeks early however along came the christmas holidays now we getting into a routine and my six year old is still on holidays ..... i have an awsome pram which is like the old fashon flat ones that your mum use to have. its on a mountain buggy frame.

anyway my routine was just getting sorted until today when i had to do the big shop at the super market. with both baby and six year old. good thing is the six year old knows what to put into the trolley. and is a good helper.

bad thing is its 2.30pm and baby girl has only had about 1 hour sleep of and on.

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