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Gall Stones Lock Rss

hi all,
i gave birth to my daughter on jan 27th '04 by c-section. After her birth i had a series of painfull attacks which after many tests we found were caused from gall stones.I have just had my gll bladder removed and am on the mend. I feel really ripped off. I have just fully recovered from my caeser only to cop this. I am now banned from holding my daughter for ten days and am so tender i couldn't if i tried. I am constantly hearing that this is sooooooo common after pregnancy but have never heard that till now.. Just wanted your feed back and see how common it trully is.

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Hi Rebecca

When I was preggas with my second I was soooooo sick & was hospitalised 3 times they kept telling me I had really bad morning sickness but halfway through my pregancy they discovered I had Gall stones & was to have my Gall bladder out as soon as I had the baby.Apparently everyone has these stones but they can flare when you are preganant some hormonal thing I think.
But soon as I had my daughter I had no problems with it and to this day it is still in there!

Hope you are feeling better soon

Hi Rebecca,

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of Jorjah... your precious daughter.

Sorry for the lateness of this, as I only just realised reading an old post that you had Jorjah's mum written at the bottom.

I can't relate to your Gall Stones story, but wish you a speedy recovery so you can enjoy spending lots of time with your new baby.

Michelle smile
I had them too during my first pregnancy. they flared up during it but it wasn't until afterwards that I had a big attack and they were discovered.

All I would say to you is be grateful that it is only 10 days. With mine, I was so ill that I had to spend a week in hospital over my sons 1st xmas, which then turned into another week with 2 operations and then another week with follow on problems. 3 weeks in total.

Then when I was allowed home I had a drain in my side that was very uncomfortable and because my liver function was diminshed due to the complications I had a severe reaction to the tape I had to use to keep it in place. I had to have the drain there for a month and couldnt pick up my son or do anything and then it was another month after it was removed before I could pick him up or do anything fun.

So it could be a lot worse! Just be glad that they caught it before it got to the stage that mine was at.
Hi Rebecca,
I also had gallstones while i was pregnant with my first, i started getting sttacks at 15 weeks pregnant, went to hospital 3 times during the pregnancy told me just was baby pains, finally at 31 week my partner took me to hospital and told them we were not leaving until they figured me out they did one blood test and i swear 2 mins later i had 15 dr's in my room, my gall stones had left my gall bladder blocking my liver and pancreas which caused them both to be infected, they told my mum and partner that my baby and I would not last the night. We did with a lot of fight. My baby girl was born vaginally 1 week after being admitted, she was very sick, taken to Melb, an hour away, i didnt get to see her for 5 days, she was in hospital a total of nine weeks, i stayed for 2 weeks then had my gall bladder out, after that i had more attacks, 4 operations and 10 months later, my attacks stopped, but the stones had badly damaged my liver and pancreas, after 3 years i was finally healthy enough to try for another baby. I'm now 37 weeks pregnant with our secong and I'm looking forward to a "normal" healthy baby. I too have been told this is common but I got dismissed time after time about my pain, i was told to suck it up, that it was just indigestion.yeah right! Well I hope you and your baby are doing well now.

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Hi Rebecca

I personally can not relate to your experience however I do have a friend that gave birth in February this year and was in a similar situation to you.

She was very sick all the way through her pregnancy and was hospitalised 3 times as she could not stop vomiting and they just put it down to severe morning sickness.

Due to complications during labour she had to undergo an emergency c section and then the next couple of days while she was still sick and in pain the hospital decided to look further and discovered she was suffering from gall stones. They were going to wait to do the operation after she had recovered somewhat from her ceaser but in the end decided to do the operation before she left the hospital. From memory all up she was in hospital for 3 weeks or so!

I think in a way she is glad that the gall stones was a major contributer to her sickness during pregnancy so she is not too afraid to try for another baby one day!

Her and baby are doing really well now.

Oh and by the way she was told that this is very common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes.


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i was sick every day for 8months of my first pregnancy, ended up having an emergency c-section. A few days after i got home i these really bad pains in the stomach but thought it must of had something to do with the c-section - got it checked out and ihad gall stones - got my gal bladder removed 3mnths later - not a pleasant experience...

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I had pains during my pregnancy and went to the hospital, they told me it was panic attacks and to go home. After giving birth to my daughter I still was gatting pains until one day I had a huge pain and couldnt move and was screaming. My husband came home from work and took me to a different hospital where they gave me an ultrasound to see what was wrong. I had gall stones, and they too told me it was common in my situation. They sent me to see a doctor to talk about me diet and I changed it and havent had any pains for 9 months now.

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept


I was hospitilised when my baby was 4 weeks old for 5 days because of Gall stones. I had no symptoms whilst i was pregnant but had 2 attacks after i gave birth the 1st one went away after 10 mins and the second one lasted about 3 hours the second one was so bad that i was braught to tears and woke my partner and told him to ring ambo by the time it had calmed down i was in hosp and they were running tests. I was still breastfeeding right up untill my surgary then i had to express and bottle feed as you can bf after it i did this for about 3 days then i started to bf again as that is what i wanted to do im glad my baby took so well to the breast again afterward. After 2 surgarys i was released from hosp but had to come back as they couldnt get all the stones out in the previous two.

Its not nice to have but is verry common in post pregnancy Ladys.

Im so glad its over and i can enjoy my baby girl hope this helps
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