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eeew yucky and gross!! Lock Rss

This is really disgusting! I have just found that there is pus and blood in belly button! It smells really bad too. Im usually pretty good about cleaning it. I havent scratched it and it isnt sore or red.
I wouldnt have even known about it if i hadnt run my hand over it! I've put a tissue down there, to help clean it out and there was heaps of blood. I've washed it, dried it and put some peroxide on it, and i'll see how it goes.

But has anyone else experienced this an what was it? As i said, i feel perfectly fine! Its not sore at all...just really yucky!
Hi Bellace. I don't have pus and blood in my belly button but it was quite scabby. i have tried scratching some away but it doesn't really budge, it isn't sore or red either just like a brown slightly harder skin in there. I think it could be from the stretching and popping out then going back to normal *shrug*

Mine is getting much better 18 weeks on so hopefully yours will get better soon.

Take care

i have a really deep belly button, I can fit three quarters of my pinky down there (i know you all just looked at your pinky!) My belly button didnt really pop out much while i was pregnant. I had my last baby 5 and a half months i dont think it was from pregnancy.

It seem to have cleared up now...but i might keep an eye on it. thanks anyway
I have a deep belly button too. Mine has been dark and crusty and err smelly since birth and has only recently got better (not through lack of scrubbing) - bubs is 10 weeks

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