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I'm a new mum to a 2 months old daughter, my job before i had her was very social and now i really miss the social interaction! I have friends thati talk to n the net, but its not the same. And all my other good friends work full time, which makes life hard. I'm also a young mum - 18, so im usually frowned upon, even though im happily married. I just feel really isolated. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Mum to Sophie 11/08/2005 and Lachlan 21/11/2006

Hi Jade,

I hear ya.... boy do I hear ya!

I'm happily married too and friends just don't get it. they can't understand that I can't go out on all-weekend benders anymore and would actually rather stay at home with my new born and hubby!
They tend to drift away pretty quickly too don't they when bub comes along... a shame really, but there's us here! we're here for you Jade!

Anytime you wanna chat ... drop me a line on email. I'm usually by the computer sometime during the day... even if you just wanna say hello!

[email protected]


Tam Qld. Wilhelm born 29th Aug 05

iam also a young mum to a baby boy feel free to email me anytime u want to chat
[email protected]
hope to chat soon


Hi Jade
I know exactly how you feel. I worked in retail in a small town so not only did I get to work with all my mate but loved the interaction with customers who soon became friends to. It was quite a shock for me to give up my job as I would work minimum 10hours mostly around 12 hours but so I was constantly surrounded by people but now I a stay at home mum with a 12 week old I can honestly say I pretty much have no friends left expect for hubby and family. It's very hard not being able to get up and go when ever you feel like too. My hubby works very long hours so I home alot just with bub. I had my first 'drink' a couple weeks ago and it was pretty good!!!!! I find myself on here everyday and love it. It makes my days go faster and I'm learning stuff. I suppose alot of new mums feel this way? Don't what I would do without all the guys on here. smile
hi Jade...
I have 2 weeks to go with my 1st bub and i am also fairly young 22. My pregnancy was unpalnned and i was very social before falling pregnant. I have found now that i cant go out and socialise as much im getting pretty lonley. My partner works 6 days and im worried it will only get worse once the bubs arrives..
It would be great to chat with you.Where are you from? im from campbelltown


I know exactly how you feel, I am 23 and have a 2 month old baby boy. Before I fell pregnant I was very social always going out on the wkds too.Now I'm just too busy with bubs to catch up with friends. It would be great to meet some mums my age that I can socialise with.
I have no friends my age to talk to, I planned my pregnancy and realised that my friends are to immature and choose to end the friendship... I have a 10week old boy and Iam 19, I am in a very loving realationship with my DP and we spend lots of time together,
However I miss girlie chats and girlie shopping days etc... It doesnt help that my mum is over the otherside of aus!
sometimes I just feel so sad!

Boy do i hear you! It can be very lonely, especially when you are used to working and all the social interaction that goes with it. My DD is 7 weeks old and i have no family in the area that i live. My hubby works long hours and it gets very lonely during the day. So chin up, you are not the only one! One thing i have found that helps is to do your best to talk to other mothers that you meet or from your mother/ante natal group as they are in the same situation. Sometimes even just the smallest outing, like an early morning walk can make you feel better as there are usually some other mums out there walking too!

hi i am 24. my eldest boy is 5 in march i have a two year old boy and a 6 week old girl, im in perth(SOR)if anyone wants to meet up and socialize.

Have you ever thought about joining a baby group? I joined one and found it helped me with feeling isolated and lonely, you might even find one that is for younger mums.

Mum to beautiful Acacia 27-11-08

I remember feeling the same way, I nearly went nuts the 4 months I was home full time with no car. I am an older mum and let me tell you, it is no different! I have a demanding job running a team in a hospital so it felt pretty boring and unrewarding to be home with someone who mainly complained about everyhting I did LOL. Where is the appreciation?

I was really not into the whole mothers group idea but mine was a godsend. You do find out who your friends are. Whether they have babies or not is not the issue, it is more an understanding of where you are at.

I am pretty shy with new people but it is amazing how you just get talking to other mums. The park and the babies room at DJ's were the best places.

We are all pretty isolated from our families these days with everyone being busy, busy with life and work, or just living so far away. It is hard to admit you feel lonely but do not be afraid to tell others how you feel and ask for help/support.

Life is never the same after your wee one arrives but the positives outweigh all the bad bits!

dont know if this helps but this is what i do when im lonely:

no judgement

i put all my favourite music on and sing to all my old favs im a huge britney fan (its not as if bubs can complain about music choice)
maybe paint my nails, re arrange my drawers
i get on the net look at all my dream cars, google wedding dressers (even tho i am married i like to think that we would have a second wedding)
i get onto youtube watch funny videos
also if im feeling up to it i put on a pilates video do a bit of exercise - need to loose that baby jiggle
and now ive found this forum

gotta say tho i love at home karaoke - no one here to hear my bad singin and i can be as bad as i like smile the neighbours havent complained.. yet
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