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No 6 week check...? Lock Rss

I took my bubs in for his jabs and asked about my 6 week check but it wasn't neccessary....
I had a CS and many follow ups with OBs so could this be why no 'check' was needed?
Is it normal to have a smear? Should I book one?

Before you leave hospital after giving birth, the midwives recommend that you have your 6 week check up and get a papsmear, just to make sure everything is ok. I went for my check up but didnt get a smear.... naughty i know but, thats just my decision. I also got bubs checked over aswell.

I would book in to get a smear done just to be sure everything is ok.

When I took bubz in for his 6 week jabs I was told to wait until 12 weeks to have a pap smear. Apparantly they used to say 6 weeks but now they recommend 12 to give everything more time to settle down after the birth.

I had an abnormal smear a couple of years ago - I had the cells removed and all is ok now but I would definately have one done just to be on the safe side!

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

i had one at 6 weeks and all came back ok i thought i would after all the text you have when your pregnant,

im plencta was stuck and i lost a lot of blood before thay decided to go and take it out for me and there was a lot of pocking and pulling so thay said i should get one

okay its a bit uncompy as it was still a bit saw down there but is only for a few seconds so i said why not!!!

up to you in the end, i was due for one only had one when i was 18 now im nearly 25,
Cheers =) My boy has his 12 week jabs soon so I might book in for then

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