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Does anyone else feel like.. Lock Rss

they are just a mummy or a wife? I feel as though people have forgotten I am a person other than ashton and dylans mum and Dh's wife! If i see someone its " how are the boys?" " whats DH up to?" what about me? I dont know If I am being selfsih but i just feel like I have lost my identity. No one speaksto me about anything except the babies... I miss adult conversation!

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I now exactly what you mean, I have now come up with the response "oh yes and I AM fine thanks "
Bitchy I know but thats what you get from a hormonal woman lol!!!!

Y ou just have to get a hobby and when you see someone before they get the chance to ask go into a speil about how you are doing ...........

I can totally sympathise just thought I would let you knwo that we are all in that boat at some stage or another.

Good luck ...........ummm. Ashton and Dylans Mum

just joking

I will be thinking of you the very next time someone asks me "how are the children"

Juanita, QLD,10/94, 12/96, 01/98, 11/00, 05/06

Don't get me started about mum/wife......last time I checked I was alive but I think I now have super human powers of making people disappear and me being invisible!!!! When Jeb was first born people (esp MIL) would just turn up at home unannounced and just walk in pick up Jeb (whether he was sleeping or not) sit down and ask how he has been, but when I told they the truth ie. he's been a little *#@! and not sleeping blah,blah... they wouldn't even believe me. "oh he's an angel! What's your mummy been doing to you?" grrrrrrr!! Then when I wanted to get Jeb into a routine I asked all the relies very nicely that if they were going to come around especially to see Jeb then could they ring first as he would not be getting woken up for anyone if he's asleep......well in the past 7 weeks since starting this MIL has been over twice (she used be here nearly every second day) and both times has not rung first. The last time they were here Jeb was down for his afternoon nap and they sat in the family room outside his bedroom talking as loud as possible for nearly 30 mins mostly about Jeb but if not about DH, and what a surprise.....Jeb woke up!!!!! He should of slept alot longer but "he's not going back to sleep bring him here" Sorry I know I'm going on about my MIL but they only things she talks to me (when she talks to me) these days is her wonderful grandson or DH (mama's boy.....hate it!!!) Most of my mates from where I work are really good and always ask how I but whenever I go down shopping or leave the house (even without bub sometimes) all I'm asked about is bub and people who haven't talked to me for years suddenly say hello just to get a look at Jeb. How hard is for people to remember that they use to talk to you like a individual before you had kids and you are still one but you just have a new job (on top of all the other ones you had before)?
Definetely! And I don't really do anything just for me either at the moment, I feel like my whole life is just babies! And i'm trying to meet other mums, but all they want to talk about is babies too!!! I need intelligent conversation! I just keep telling myself it's only temporary.
Made an offer on a house yesterday which will give me a sewing room and big garden, i'm just praying the offer's accepted, then i can hide downstairs when i've had enough! Cross fingers for me!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

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