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my baby is getting babysat for first time Lock Rss

On saturday my baby is going to be babysat for the first time by his godparents. I trust these people so much so why does it feel so emotional to leave him? I've left him with my husband and totally comfortable with him going to mum's but this time the whole family are going out together to see the musical Bollywood. We are taking our 9 yr old so she feels like she is getting some attention like she used to get when she was the only child! It should be a fun night I'll just miss our little man!

Bianca, vic, David 9/8/05, Alexandra 6/5/96

I think it's just a built-in response to be protective over your bub no-matter who's looking after them and how much you trust them.
The first time I left my little man was when he was just 8 weeks old and hubby was taking us out for tea for our wedding anniversary. He had organised for his mother to babysit which I knew was a mistake as she has very little to do with bubs since her youngest son who's now 27. But I push through knowing we would only be gone max. 2 hours. When we did go back to pick him up in just under 2 hours my fears were realised. MIL had bub on the floor with his nappy off and 2 new nappies destroyed already as she had no idea how to use them. Even after we told her how to do it she still didn't get it right. She also had his lying about 1 meter away from a gas heater!!!! And the whole time we were gone they held him as this was the only way they knew how to keep him settled. A couple weeks later I wanted some 1 on 1 time with hubby so went straight to my SIL with bub. Her youngest is now 4 &1/2 and she still asks questions about what to do but at least she asks unlike my MIL who I even told what he like etc...and still ignored me.
So as long as you are happy for bubs godparents to look after him and they do take note of what you say you have nothing to worry about. You'll get to have lots of cuddles before and after and he'll get heaps while your gone too!! smile
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