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anyone have insomnia Lock Rss

Hi there,

I was having trouble with the lack of sleep at night and not being able to catch up through the day. Now it has gotten worse and I'm even having trouble sleeping at night when bubs is finally down. Last night I sware I didn't sleep a wink.

I am at my parents place they volunteered to do the last feed for me last night at 10.30/11.00 and i didn't need to wake until almost 3am and I had ample opportunity to sleep but I just couldn't. I can't switch off all these thoughts that go through your head. I can feel my body twitch and try and fall to sleep, but I just don't get there. I am soooooooo tired. I don't think I can take too much more. Bubs is 3 weeks old now, has anyone experienced anything similar and how long did it last for? I just want to cry, bubs is really good, it is me that is the problem!!
I have similar problems on and off looking after my two boys - nearly two and 3 months. When I get over tired I just can't switch off, and the less I sleep the more I lie there thinking about how little sleep I'm getting! A couple of things help around my bed time - a shower or bath, reading for a while rather than watching tv, no caffiene, listening to music, counting my breathing... I normally sleep better if I exercise a bit during the day even just a walk. Sometimes I keep a notebook by my bed to write down stuff I can't get out of my head. Eventually I find my body catches up and I have a few days of being a zombie then I good nights sleep. It really takes every one a different amount of time to adjust to broken sleep, but you will in time.
Take advantage of all the help you can - can your parents help you with that late feed for a couple of nights in a row? I find if I have just one night's help, the pressure to HAVE to sleep is too much!!!
Good luck smile

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

I've suffered from insomnia on and off but found it was very bad by the time my DD was a few months old. After waking up to feed her I could not get back to sleep and just when I did, it would be time for another feed.
I understand sometimes it is really hard to switch the brain off when you want to sleep, some of the things that are in my head are so ordinary, nothing stressful, things that I have seen on TV or conversations I've had that were really boring....anyway I read every night when I go to bed and make sure it is a book that is mildly interesting but not too interesting....also as much as I hate the idea of the bill when it comes in, I sleep with the air con going otherwise I toss and turn looking for the cool part of the sheets...I agree about doing some sort of exercise during the day, going for a fast walk is pretty good, and sticking clear of anything cafeinated from about 4pm...lying there getting upset about not sleeping makes it worse, believe me I know. They say you should get up and do something really boring then go back to bed when you feel tired...have you tried that?

Thanks guys for your advice....I have been trying these things, I'm still not getting all that much sleep as I wake to any noises in the house and Charlie when I can hear him cry when DH or DM is feeding him for me (then I can't get back to sleep). I'm sure I will catch up eventually, just will take time for mind to let go. If I get tired enough I'm sure I will sleep. It's amazing how much sleep you can function on. I will keep trying all the tricks of the trade.

Perhaps try wearing ear plugs and ask DH to wake you when bub wakes and needs a feed, or if they are the ones doing the feed then you don't need to wake up and if you can get a good solid 4-5 hours that will go a long way....
My DH and I both used to work shift including nights and we would both wear earplugs to sleep during the day, and now sometimes when he is snoring I wear them still.
I think us mums become very light sleepers which can be a problem because we hear every little noise not just our bubs! Even his breathing is enough to keep me awake some nights....grr!

Insomnia...ummm let's see, it's midnight and I am still wide awake! I found my body clock became all out of whack, so I always feel like sleeping at the wrong times. If you are trying to break the pattern, the worst thing is to go to sleep after the early morning feed. Force yourself to get up, so you will tire easily for the following night. I find that any late morning sleep takes it toll on my night sleeping...

Hope you have some restful sleep soon!

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