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body image.... how do you shake the blues Lock Rss


I am writing as I think i just need to vent and se whether anyone else is feeling like this. I had my baby 10 weeks ago and am struggling to lose any weight. I am 92 kg and feel fat, ugly and have no motivation what so ever. I have joined a gym and am trying to keep my self motivated but I am finding it really hard.

I dont want to be like this and i get really down and upset about it all... but this doesnt encourage me to lose weight rather i think it has the opposite affect.'

Is anyone else feeling like this? What are you doingto voer come it? how do you keep motivated?

i have a 11 week old little man as soon as he turned 6 weeks i went off to weight watches its a great program and if you dont have a meeting near you, you can do it online, i like it cause it gets me out of the house and all the people that are there have had to do the struggle with there weight and it helps to keep me motivated, it is also based around normal eating so it doesnt stop you from eating anything and the family can all eat what you are eating,also while a gym is great sometimes timimg can be hard with a baby try to find a friend or even hubbie to take walking, just being outdoors will help and bubbie will love this as well, also don't put to much pressure on yourself your baby is only very young make sure you enjoy him/her if you put to much pressure on yourself you may find the weight harded to fall off, i hope this helps you good luck
I have a 11 week old girl and a 3 year old, i am struggling aswell, it is hard to eat a lot of vegies as they cause wind as i am breast feeding, Any one have any ideas or healthy recipes to loose weight, that doesn't cause too much wind for my baby.


try some cobs of corn they shouldn't cause to much wind i peel them put them into the microwave for 2.5 mins just wrap them in cling wrap with a dab of butter they are really low in fat
How about walking with the stroller? Mine is 8 weeks old tomorrow and that's what l have started to do from this week as l have 10 kg l would like to loose....all l see is a big bottom!!!!!lol
Thanks everyone. I will try that
I know how you feel! Looking nice, can help with feeling nice. Don't forget to schedule in the facials/manicures as well as the excercising. Above all else if you feel really down, just pop in and have a look at bubs and you will feel a whole lot better....

I have a beautiful two week old baby and I am feeling how you feel.
I have ten kilos to lose. I am trying not to focus too much on it, but its so hard, I feel heaps of pressure to lose this weight.
Instead of being motivated I just keep eating to make myself feel better.
I actually pulled my hamstring while giving birth (is that unusual?) and so I can't exercise at the moment, which is getting me down.
Im in the position where my pre pregnancy clothes don't fit, and my maternity stuff is too big.. so I don't have any clothes to wear.
Oh well... hopeful things will get better soon! Thanks for hearing me, good luck to all you girls out there trying to lose the baby bulge!

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

Don't forget, it took you 9 months to put the weight on, it could take you 9 nine months to lose it. It usually takes me 12 months to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. I tried returning to Weight Watchers after #02 but I found that I just got more depressed about my weight. I was trying to breastfeed and lost weight at the same time. I think it's just too hard to do both together. So this time I have vowed to wait until I finish breastfeeding and then lose the weight. Don't be too hard on yourself.

You're not alone babe

I put on 20 kilos with DS and only lost 7 the day I gave birth. The other 13 won't let go 3 months later. It's driving me crazy. All my pre-preg clothes look stupid on me so I'm still wearing some maternity clothes which makes me feel even more fat and frumpy.

I try to get out, but it takes me sooo long to get the 2 kids (2.5years and 12weeks) ready that I just can't be bothered. I'm also constantly skipping meals because I'm so busy which makes me soooo hungry in the afternoons.

Plus I was blessed with the stretch marks from hell!!!

I put on 36kgs with dd. I had 21 to lose after she was out. I joined Weight Watchers too (they have a Breast feeding program) and lost it all! and then a bit more. As soon as this bub is born (and 6 weeks has passed) i will be going straight back....

I was exactly the same way with 10kgto lose.
I just started walking every day.I started 6 weeks after my c section.
I sometimes miss one day in a week so go 6 days a week and try and find as many hills as I can. I go with my neighbour mostly but if she can't come it is just me and the 2 kids (23 months and 3 months).
Having someone to go with makes all the difference. They motivate you on the days that you can't motivate yourself.
At first I didn't see any results for about 2 weeks then slowly I started to see it was working and now I have 1kg to go until I'm my ideal weight, not to mention pushing the pram with the 2 kids up all those hills has toned up my arms too, an unexpected surprise!

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