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pupps rash Lock Rss

Can anyone help,i have had pupps rash since 18 weeks and i was told it would go once i had given birth,my baby is now 3 weeks old and its still here and worse than ever.Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this rash?

NSW,baby poppie

i had that to..., with my first, as well as pre ecampsia, and polyhydramnios.
go and see a dermotoligist and do uv treat ment, i did it in hospital last april its a new way of traeting it. youll have to go about 6 times, it only takes about 10 secs each go.
when you first get it done you start to look sunburnt but over time starts to fade. mine was almost completly gone a month after treat ment.
mind you i got it done when i was 37 weeks pregnant.
good luck

Rochelle, mother of 2

i had that too. it drove me nuts. My doctor gave me cortizone cream. It worked a treat and took the heat and the itch out of the rash. Mine was so bad they induced me! Couldn't help but laugh when the doc whom broke my waters commented "thats the worst case of pupp i've ever seen!" just what i wanted to hear! It was gone by the time kane was 1 week old. Good luck!
another stupid question from me...
what is pupps rash?
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