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Pain in Upper Back and Neck? Lock Rss


I am just wondering if anyone else gets pain in this area from holding/carrying their little babies. I had this problem when I was working from the repeptition of my job and figured that I had just aggrevated that again. But the doctor says it is quite common in mums.
However its not just a normal pain, its a stinging burning pain, kinda feels like the nerves are on fire. Very weird.
Anyway if anyone has this can you let me know because I am curious as to whether this should still be covered under workcover being a pre-existing injury.

Hi gizmo,

I too get pain in that area from holding my bub. I get pain in my shoulders then my neck and finally get a headache NOT FUN! I got this from work
6years ago and diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis, carpel tunnel and tennis elbow the only thing to do is try not to carry bub so much ..... which is not easy.

I'm not sure whether it can be covered by workcover, mine had been too long so I don't think mine is.

good luck!!


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