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Going crazy? Don't mind if I do! Lock Rss

I have a 5 week old DH goes back to work in week ( I know I'm lucky he's had this much time off) and I'm already going crazy. How do you keep it together??? I have limited funds and all my friends (all 5 of them) work and don't have kids. The walls always seem to be closing in and when I do go out I hate having to go home. Any suggestions?

One day at a time

Hi Sonja, I felt exactly the same DH went back to work after 4 weeks and I was hysterical the night before he went back, thinking that I wouln't be able to cope without him! I actually found that I coped better without him, I had more confidence in myself when I was by myself! But every now and again (its only been 2 weeks since he went back to work) I find that I just have to put bubs in the cot and go outside for a breather. We always go for walks even if its just around the block. Check out the communities page in the forum, you might find that there is some mum's in your area that have a group!
Good luck, and have confidence in yourself!

Sheryl, VIC, 6 yr old & 5 week old

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