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Afternoon Blues. Lock Rss

Is it just me and my husband but by about 3pm each day, we get the baby blues in a big way.

We manage to get about 5 hours sleep during the night, but have not yet been able to sleep during the day. Our bub is only 10 days old and I think we are still too highly strung to sleep during the day.

can anyone offer us any advice on how to unwind during the day? and do these blues go away??

Please help..

Mum of Charlie 02.12.05

Don't stress yourself about it, bubs is still young and it's newfor all of you. It will settle down asyou get usedto doing everything you need to, it gets better, i promise, the first few weeks everybody thins tot hemself oh my god, it isa big change when you have a newborn baby, but i promis you it will get better!
As for unwinding see what happens each day and see what you are feeling like that day, go fora stroll woth bubs if not too hot or just lay down while bubs is sleeping and chat to each other(doesn't have to be about bubs), spend time together if you can and it may seem easier to handle it all!
Hang in there, we are here for you, you aren't alone!!!!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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