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Help with Mastitis PLZ Lock Rss

Hi ladies I posted a Q on the Ask the experts link to the Ask our Midwife your pregnancy Q's. Only 2 find that unfortunately Alex is on Hols with her family. I was wondering if any of you ladies out there have experienced MASTITIS?? I am going through it at the moment. I really need some feedback asap I can't wait till Alex gets back on the 10'th of Jan. If you could read my post it is called MASTITIS PLZ HELP in that section and give me some feedback it would b greatly appreciated. THANX

Mumma of 3.

hi there

i had mastitis with my first child...when u start feeding your baby, soak up a face washer with warm water and put it on your breast and continue to do that till u get some relief. If incase your nipple is sore due to the sucking, after u finish feeding your baby, soak up the face washer with cold water and put it on your nipple. Also while feeding, if you massage your breast (where the lumps are), u will find the lumps disappearing. U can also try to have a nice warm shower just before feeding.

Let me know how u go !!!


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