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1st period after bub? Lock Rss

Hey ladies I had my bub nearly three wks ago now naturaly (have some stitches) I bled heavily 4 about a wk & then it settled right down to b only a very pale pink sort of discharge just everynow & then. Now just from yesterday I have started 2 bleed again quite heavily but it is different 2 the bleeding from after birth it is not mucousy & clotty it is just clean thin bright red blood & a steady flow of it. I am confused as to wheather this is my 1st period back already (I am not breast feeding and only did 4 the 1st 4 days) what do u ladies think. I said 2 my fiance I spose the only way I am going 2 know if it is my 1st period back is because it should last 4 about 5-7 days and then stop. So I guess I'll have 2 wait & c what happens.

Mumma of 3.

I am BF and had a light bleed 5 weeks after the birth. My OBGYN said it is qiute normal for some more bleeding around this time (about 2-3 weeks after your lochia has shed). He said it would most prob be leftover blood that had yet to make its way down. But having said that, with my first born I did not BF and had my 1st period about 6 weeks after the birth. The 2nd period after that came olny 3 weeks later, which is normal until you cycle settles again.
Yours could be either a period or unfinished bleeding, but it sounds more like period to me but I'm no doctor. Guess you'll have to wait 'til next month. I've probably confused you even more now, sorry........

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

Hi Quin,
Did you find out if it was your period?? Just asking because i had my baby nearly 4weeks ago, and i also bled heavily for about a week, n it also settled down to pale pink discharge sort of thing that would only come every now & then. For a couple of days now I have been bleeding again, quite heavily too. Very similarly to what you described. And i also only breastfed for four days, so I thought it must have just been my period returning sad . But i would be interested to know if thats all your bleeding was..

after when i gave birth i got my period straight away for about 4 weeks then it started to go away slowly. i didn't get my period the next month but then got it again the a month later. But my period was really heavy and lasted about 1 week and a half also i had bad cramps so that was not fun.
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