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any new young mums out there wanna chat? Rss

hi iam krystal
have a baby boy thats 4weeks, his name is cohen but we call him cookie...
he was 7lb 50cms long and cute as a button

Hi krystal and alana,

I'm Melissa and I have a beautiful baby boy also who is 7 weeks old. His name is Jett and was 7 pound 13, 51cm long. How it all going? Are your babies settling in? Do you have a routine yet?

So far for me its been a dream. Couldn't be more happier with Jett. He is sooo perfect!

hey girls,
Iam going well
Cohen is amazing he is just so good (does sook sometimes)
He Is growing well was so so tiny when he was born now he fits into my arms for big hugs...
Are you girls glad you got boys? Iam I did want a girl before I had him but now I am more the thrilled hehe
Iam planning my next baby hopefully in the next few mths
I would like another boy but we shall see hehe

anyone planning more babies any time soon??

Hi girls!
I have a beautiful DD named Sabriya, who is 4wks and 1 day old.
Will jump back on after and finish this post .. she is calling me
Kels smile

Im very glad we had a boy. I did want a girl and kinda freaked out when a boy came out! But Jett is just so gorgeous and wouldn't replace him for anything!!!

About having more babies...Yes I want another one. But how soon is too soon? I think one year apart would be good. Ive heard that if you have babies closer together, they don't get so jealous as they don't know how to be. Does that make sense??

Oh by the way, how old are you gals? I'm 23.

double post
[Edited on 19/12/2008]

hey girls i'm amy! i have a 3wk old boy named Zachary he was born 7lb 3oz 50cm. he pretty good most days but suffers from a bit of wind so some days he screams when he can't get it up... i feel so sorry for him! i'm 22 and prob planning to have another baby in bout 2 years. i agree with not leaving the gap more than 3 years. i also have 6 years between me and my bro and we are not close but there is only 2 1/2 yrs between my sis and we are best friends (she is the doting aunty!!)


Hi amy and welcome...

Jett kinda has a routine too at night we are going to bed at 6.30-7 and then up again at 1.30 for a feed and then wakes up in the morning around 5.30-6. He's a pretty good sleeper so I can't complain. Its like he has a built-in alarm that wakes him up because without fail he is up at those times.

During the day its always different but he usually has 2 sleeps between 2 to 3 hours.

Jett doesn't cry much also. Only when hungry. I'm very lucky but sometimes feel like Im missing out on "true" parenting (no late nights, no screaming baby etc). I've also never had to burp Jett. He does it all on his own...

Anyway I better stop bragging! Have a good day girls.

hey girls just wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all! hope its a good one and enjoy this first chrissy with the little ones


merry xmas and happy new years and new mummies.... haha
how was your 1st xmases with bubs?
mine was easy he slept almost all day haha

i had to do a lot of running around and thought Zach would be a nightmare but like you he slept most of the day so he was great! we then had to drive up to newcastle to spend boxing day with dp family and he was ok but didnt really have his usual long sleeps and so that night was so hard to put to sleep he was unsettled for about 2 hours! poor thing was so tired


We had such a good xmas. Jett got sooo many gifts. Don't know where to put it all!! We went down to Brisbane which is an hours drive to DP family. Had a yummy lunch but was upsetting because my partner's mum was very sick and couldn't hold bubs. She has not seen bubs since he was born. Jett only catnapped for the day which was ok because he sleeps right through the night. Did anyone get good gifts from their partners? I got a camera so now I'm going photo crazy!!

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