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Exercise after a Ceaserean Rss

Hi there, I am just wondering if anyone knows how hard i can exercise after a ceaserean, i was quite fit before bub's (he's now 7weeks old) and am keen to get back into the exercise, only i am not sure if i can get back into as hard as i was before.. i would like to get back into doing body pump classes especially. I dont have any pain or soreness from the ceaser and have been walking regularly since bub was about 3-4 weeks. Also not sure about tummy exercises, can i start doing situp's ect again?

Stacey, WA

I was told not to do anything for 12 weeks which was so hard considering how i felt. As it was explained to me you have just had major surgery take it easy and do not lift anything heavier than your baby. Walking is probably the best you can do.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

Hi there,

My obgyn said I could start tummy exercises after my 6 week visit. And I have been doing them every since (now been 11 weeks.) I was quite fit before the baby was born. I teach dance and was teaching up to about 6 months pregnant. I went back to teaching when my baby was 5 weeks and had no problems really. It wasn't too strenuous to start with, I couldn't have done a step aerobics class! i could have done pump but I would suggest keeping the weights really low for a while. Build yourself back up.

I have had no soreness and no problems since about 3 or 4 weeks after the c section. and like you I was trying to walk regularly because I couldn't stand doing nothing and wanted to drop the weight (which I have all except 3 kgs).

Good luck!

Michele, SA

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