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Advice on how i could be feeling 8 weeks after delivery?? Lock Rss

Hi There, I was just wanting to hear from other mums on how they had felt after around 8 weeks of giving birth? I have my mothers 50th birthday 8 weeks after i'm due to give birth and was hoping to put on a party for her at my house. I am starting to feel overwhelmed with the thought of having to organise such a big event but i really want to put one on for her. I don't have any sisters to help only my younger brother. Do you think its a good idea to organise a party/ bbq so soon after giving birth to my first child? Will i be feeling ok by then sleep wise etc? Hopefully i will be feeling energetic enough mentally and physically to put on a party. Any suggestions or advice???

Hi there,

It's all pretty individual as to how you will be feeling. I moved house when my bubs was eight weeks old, and it was a mission. I fouond that she ws quite unsettl4ed that day, i also found it hard and I couldn't do much because she isn't in any particular kind of daytime routine yet and I am b/feeding. I was lucky I had lots of help though. Do you perhaps have any friends that could help you out? I also find that having to do lots of to-ing and fro-ing into town etc can really unsettle Georgia. My advice would be to see how much of it you can organise online, having food, decorations etc delivered?

But there's every chance you might be fine to do it. Just don't push yourself; remember it's a huge thing you will have just done and you need time to get to to konw your baby, and how he/she will cope. smile

Good luck.

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When DD was 2wks old we did a 900km trip from Perth to home, then around 10days after we got back my in-laws arrived - first time I had ever met my MIL, one of my FIL's and a bro in law. A few days after that was Christmas where I put on a big lunch, big dinner and cleaned up after everyone. It was exhausting but worth it smile
DD was still waking every 3-4hrs for 30mins at a time but at 8wks was giving me around 6hrs sleep (fully BF).

Every baby and every birth is different though. You might feel good and you might feel like crapola. I had a VB with a 2nd degree tear ... Just play it by ear I would suggest

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