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Caring for bub Rss

Hi everyone my name is Jodie and i would just like to share my story about me and my new family i'm a mum of one thank god for my mum and my fiance if it wasnt for them i would not have known what to do my daughter's name is: Maddison she was born on the 30th of january 2006 and her birth time was 11.01am i was in labour for 23 hours with her but it all worth it now my poor fiance i told him i hated him and everything but he know i dodnt mean it.
So if you would like to share your story with feel free to message anytime.
Thanks Jodie and Maddison.

jodie expecting 1st bubba

hi jodie.i have also just had my first child. Aaron born 11th march one day before his dads bday. my waters broke a 4am but no contractions- went to hospital at 7am and had to be induced. Aaron was born 9.25pm. i had an epi as he was facing wrong way and causing alot of pain. He had respitory distress and was under oxygen for 2 days and had severe jaundice and was under phototherapy for 6days. if it wasnt for my mum and partner i dont think i would have coped with aaron being in special care for 1wk. also couldnt hold my son much as he couldnt be taken out of o2 for the first 2days and then being under lights they kept changing their minds as to wheter he could come out for feeds or not. once we got him home he wouldnt settle either and i had to hold him so he would sleep. many nights spent sitting on couch with him asleep- he now settles alot better after we went to the trescillian sleep school. But it was all worth it my little monkey is smiling at me and gurgling away.
Therese and Aaron
hi jodie
im also a new mum at the age of 23. my new bub was born on 37weeks and 5 days and i still had one week left of work. my labor went for 23hrs. my waters were broken by the nurse and forceps were used to get bub out because my temperature was rising and bubs heart beat was incrreasing as well. all went well in the end and didnt feel a thing because has the epidural.poor thing wasnt feeding well for the first 2days because of the trauma caused by the forceps.. but thank god now almost 7weeks she is a healthy bub!
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