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Play centre? Rss

Hi all im looking for a little help.
i rememeber when my son was born i felt like i was trapt in the house. (as im sure some of you may feel) one of the reasons for me, was there wasnt anywhere i could go, mother's group was once a week but 1 out of seven... all my friends worked as did my partner. i remember staying up searching the web for something to do with a newborn and i could really find many places to go. now im TTC #2 and im inspired to open a play centre for newborn through to 5 yr olds. (as most are not sutitable for children under 1-2 years old)
i would really love to know is what age your beautiful baby is? their fave game/toys and what you as a parent would want out of a brand new play centre?

any help would be so useful.
thank you

I could have written your post myself!! I have a 10 week old baby boy and I am starting to feel trapt and bored and lonely etc. I go to a parents group once a week, but like you said, thats only 1 day a week. And yep the playgroups are more suitable for 12 months and over.
Rileys favourite things at the moment is playing with his rattle, he has a few soft toys that make noises when you squeeze them so he likes those. He like to lay on him play mat and bat at the toys hanging above him. He is amused by just about anything, even just holding a soft toy up to him makes him grin.
As a parent if I was to take my baby to a play centre I would want there to be lots of games that just makes the babies laugh and have a good time and as they get a little older have fun games that also have a bit of educational value, such as fun numbers games, painting etc.
I thin k if you do go through with this idea it will be a big success!!!!

Rachel Mum to Riley 6/1/06

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