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No Period - Can I fall pregnant again? Lock Rss

I am breastfeeding & I havent had a period yet and was wondering if i want to fall pregnant again, can I if im not getting my period.. how does this all work??

Stacey, WA

Hey there, I'm not too sure how it all works, but even though you are breastfeeding, and haven't had any periods yet (which you might not for a while if you continue breastfeeding!), you can still ovulate, so therefore yes, you can get pregnant! So if you don't want to have another bub just yet, be careful! Take care. xox
Hi Stacey

i agree with Laura. You can ovulate at anytime after your baby, although most usually dont until min 6 weeks. But fully breast feeding baby, usually tells you body not to prepare for baby until you start to wean baby away from boob chemical reaction while b/f. (however this isnt always the case either and some woman can get pregnant after their bodies have healed)

They say normal ovulation is 14 days into the month and you might get pregnant without having a period at all, if you get pregnant first go! But period will come after you ovulate only if your not pregnant (which is good sign that yes you can get pregnant now)

Hope this helped

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

You most certainly can fall pregnant again. I know a few mums that fell pregnant again within 3 months after giving birth. They were fully breast feeding and not trying to fall pregnant. The other mums are spot on, you have to ovulate before you get your period. Breast feeding is about 90% effective as a contraceptive, if you are feeding consistantly and regularly. Having said that, lots of mums get their periods back as early as 6 weeks - others like me, didn't get it back till much later (10 months).

Its funny cause in the beginning I wanted another baby quickly so keen to get my periods. by the time I got them when DD was 10 months, I decided I wanted 2-3 years between kiddies - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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