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Exteremely sore nipples... :( Lock Rss


My baby boy Kaya is currently 8,5 weeks and from the first day I've had a horrible experience with breastfeeding. Kaya was born 7weeks premature and the nurses at the hospital told me that the pain was due to him being to small to be able to latch on proparly and will stop as soon as he is a little bigger. Unfortunately, that did not happen.
I've tried anything and everything I've heard about and read eg, lansinoh, papaw ointment, airdrying, drying my nipples with hair dryer, sun exposure etc.
Anyone out there with the same problems? Or have a magic solution for me?
Thanks so much

Sam, NSW, Baby Kaya & Lara on the way

Have you tried the nipple shields? I only breast fed for a short period but found they helped alot. It didnt matter how bub attached, my problem was low milk supply so he wasnt getting enough.

Nipple Shields will definately help, but you will probably find it will still be sore, just NOT as painful! My DS is also a premmie (34 +1) and we're still having attachment issues (he's now 12 wks), but he has improved greatly. One of the lactation consultants i have seen showed me how to get him to tolerate getting more of my breast in by rubbing inside his mouth with my finger at each feed.

After blistered, cracked, bleeding and bruised nipples, the nipple shield helped me to cope with the pain while feeding, gave my nipples time to heal and now i'm not using them at all (but still have them just in case!)

Good luck and let us know how you go! smile
Hi Sam,
I gave up breast feeding after 2 weeks when it got to the point where I was in tears because it hurt so much!! I had already bought a little mini breast pump and now I express every 4 hours and bottle feed my little boy. Each time I express I get enough for 2 feeds. It works out really well because there's no pain for me, Hayden gets his feed in about 2 minutes of him waking up, and my partner shares the feeding duties so that I get some extra sleep!! And we haven't had to use formula (like some midwives will say that you will need to if you don't produce enough milk) so it's working out really well.
Hope you find a solution soon!!

Hayden's mummy

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