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I was just wondering if you can get pregnant whilst breastfeeding even though i have not yet had a period. Do you have to start menstruating before you can fall pregnant again?


No, definently not, I fell pregnant when neena was only 9 weeks old, still breast feeding but she had started sleeping through the night and had i not fallen pregnant, i would have gotten my period 2 weeks later. It was only cause i wasn't feeling well and she went off my breast milk (apparently it can taste different after you fall preggo or if you are menstruating) that i went to the doc, only to discover i was preggo! Unfortunatly, i had a misscarriage a few weeks later, but just be careful if you dont want to get pregnant, or have fun if you do!!!!!


Sare, DD1 1.03, DD2 4.06, DS edd 6.07

Hi Mel, to add to the last post, don't forget that you will actually ovulate before you get your period, so pregnancy can occur BEFORE your first period!!!!!!!
I got pregnant while feeding! I had a period though, but it can happen. The way I found out the first time was that bub went off the milk. This doesnt always happen though. I know of people BF 2 bubs.

I am now on the minni pill as we get pregnant really easily.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

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