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Worst acne I've ever had!! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

Over the last couple of weeks I've experienced the worst case of pimples that I've ever had before. I feel like the elephant woman!

Is this normal to experience after pregnancy (my little boy is 7 weeks old), a result of me being so run down and breastfeeding sucking all the goodness out of me or just bad luck? Has this happened to anyone else?

A mum and I were talking about this the other day outside our preschool. (The kids preschool, not ours)!) She has a 2 month old and is having the same problem. It is just a hormonal imbalance I would think. After the birth, the pregnancy hormones are displaced by postnatal hormones and lactating hormones and who knows what's no wonder we're a mess. My little one is four months now and all that sort of thing has passed. ". Maybe try a mild cleanser and stay makeup free as much as possible; that's all I did. Anyway, most people don't even look at us mums once the baby is born - the baby gets all the attention! Congratulations and enjoy your little one.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

hi Jools i know exactly how you feel. i have a 10wk old bub and no cure (i'm sorry) for the pimples that i've had since late pregnacy. i've been told its hormonal, but its not really very comforting. smile

Jes, Alice Springs, 10wk baby

I also have acne. Mine started when I became pregnant last year! I tried everything & hated being told it is just hormones. I have recently been using baby sorbolene cream to cleanse & moisturise. It seems to be working for me & is worth a try. I can still see it but it is a lot better & much easier to cover up with makeup.


I also have had bad pimples since I have had the bubs. Everyone keeps telling me don't worry it will go away when your hormones even out. Weird, one week my face is perfectly clear then the next I get pimples galore. Now my face is clearing up quite well , I use an alcohol free toner and baby sorbelene. Also I notice if I eat junk food just once it sets them off as well.
my bub is 9 weeks old and I too for the past few weeks have had extermly bad pimples, no cure.


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