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Mini Pill $$$$$ Lock Rss

Hi, Can anyone tell me how much it costs??? Not sure if u should go and get it today or wait till pay day?
My old normal pill was $20 for 4 months, but im thinking this will be a bit more $$.


Hi, i just got a prescription from my midwife for the mini pill and it only cost $3.
Hope this helps!

$3?! Mine cost me $23.90 ):

$3?! Mine cost me $23.90 ):

I think you might find Barlowgirl is in NZ like me....but that is just a guess. laugh I just got my new 6 month supply for $3 too. Of course the repeat script cost me $12 so I guess all up it was $15. Next time though it will be $20 because the repeat script costs have gone up at my docs. sad

Mine costs $17.32 (for just under 4 months) but I have a health care card so I only pay $5.40.
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