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how do you cope Lock Rss

I have just had my 3rd bub and I am always looking for new ways to help me and other mums cope with the demands of not only a newborn but kids in general.

The way that I have coped in the past is to take solace in knowing that the newborn doesn grow up eventually and then they sleep. when they do get a little older I make sure that I take time out for myself each week. i also make sure that I talk to other mums and get together with others regularly. this forum is great for that too. I have the kids in care for a couple of hours a week and that is how I cope. Also when they sleep (when!) I make sure that I do somehting for myself, like jump on eBay etc... Even if its just for 10 min.

I think that sometimes we make ourselves feel guilty for having someone else look after the kids for a few hours. Years ago when you had a bub you usually had your mother living with you, or you had older kids who also helped out. These days there is not that sort of support so I went and got it myself.

How do you cope?

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

hi melbourne mum, i am having my 5th baby and i really don't think that some days i do cope that well, i have taught myself not to pick up all the mess that's made until kids have had a bath and dinner, that way i am not stressed all day (mind you i havent always bewen like that) i do like a tidy house, but that is one coping skill i have had to learn, i enjoy a nice shower, and even going to the washing line byu myself helps ,just to get a breather i also have my 2 littlies in care 2 days a week , one day is for housework top to bottom the next day is for me, i go for lunch, do birthday/Xmas shopping, look at display homes whatever. I would have felt guilty about doing that 3 kids ago, but i realize now, i am human and if i am relaxed (well some of the time) my kidsand family benefit. if Mama aint happy, nobody happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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