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swollen feet Lock Rss

Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me and advice me on what I should do. I have just had an unplanned c-section on the 24/04 and have swollen feet which dont want to disappear. The nurse at the hospital told me that I had to walk around due to the c-section but my feet are that swollen that it really hurts to walk around. I am luck to get from my room to the bathroom without the pain taking over. If anyone out there can help me please advice me on what to do.

Sue, NSW

Hey sue,
I had swollen feet...actually I was swollen right up to my knees! god it was painful!
The midwife also told me to just walk around. But I found elevating my feet was much better!
The swelling does eventually go down. I didnt have a c.sec! So that has nothing to do with it!
But the nurses werent really worried. But the doctor was. SO make sure u get him to have a look.
Also gettting someone to rub them helps also. Just to get the blood circulating there again!
Good luck. and I know how you feel. Let me know how u go. my e-mail is [email protected]
Oh by the way, what did u have? a boy or girl and what did u call him/her? How much did they weigh?
(sorry Im extremely clucky at the moment!lol)

2 more sleeps

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