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Ive got "Vaginismus" Lock Rss

[size="4"]Hey Ladies

I thought I would share my story to get some awareness out there about this condition called 'Vaginismus'. I am unfortunatley suffering from secondary Vaginismus with secondary classification, this has come about since the birth of my beautiful daughter 7 weeks ago. I had a natural water birth at home and suffered some small tears which didnt even need stitching. I went for my 6 weeks postnatal checkup & to see if I would be able to get the IUD inserted in a few weeks. The doctor couldnt insert the speculum because of the spasms I was having. It burnt and was so painful, I felt like I was tearing again. She said that the tears were completely healed and was somewhat understanding of the fact it hurt me.

Because of this condition my partner & I are unable to resume what was previously a wonderful & passionate sex life. I am scared to try to have sex because it just seems impossible, when we have tried even putting a finger is unbearable and I often experience a burning sensation afterwards. This physical reaction is making the whole experience something I want to avoid and rocking the boat in my relationship.

I am currently seeking ourt treatment methods and contemplating seeing a psychiatrist to talk about some deeper issues that may be making my condition worse.

Heres a brief description to let you know what it is :
[b]Vaginismus, sometimes anglicized vaginism, is the German name for a condition which affects a woman's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration, including sexual intercourse, insertion of tampons, and the penetration involved in gynecological examinations. This is the result of a conditioned reflex of the pubococcygeus muscle, which is sometimes referred to as the "PC muscle". The reflex causes the muscles in the vagina to tense suddenly, which makes any kind of vaginal penetration—including sexual intercourse—painful or impossible.

A vaginismic woman does not consciously control the spasm. The vaginismic reflex can be compared to the response of the eye shutting when an object comes towards it. The severity of vaginismus and the pain during penetration, including sexual penetration, varies from woman to woman.[/b]

[b]Primary vaginismus

Primary vaginismus occurs when a woman has never been able to have penetrative sex or experience any kind of vaginal penetration without pain. It is commonly discovered in teenagers and women in their early twenties, as this is when many young women in the Western world will initially attempt to use tampons, have some form of penetrative sex, or undergo a Pap smear. Women who have vaginismus may not be aware of their condition until they attempt vaginal penetration. It may be confusing for a woman to discover she has vaginismus. She may believe that vaginal penetration should naturally be easy, or she may be unaware of the reasons for her condition.[citation needed]

A few of the main factors which may contribute to primary vaginismus include:

* urinary tract infections or vaginal yeast infections.
* sexual abuse, rape, or attempted sexual abuse
* knowledge of (or witnessing) sexual or physical abuse of others, without being personally abused
* domestic violence or conflict in the early home environment
* having been taught that sex is immoral, vulgar, or demoralizing
* fear of pain associated with penetration, particularly the popular misconception of 'breaking' the hymen upon the first attempt at penetration, or the idea that vaginal penetration will inevitably hurt the first time it occurs
* being sexualized or told about sex in violent or inappropriately graphic terms before an age at which one is comfortable with such information
* any physically invasive trauma
* generalized anxiety

Vaginismus has been classified by Lamont according to the severity of the condition. He describes four degrees of vaginismus:
-In first degree vaginismus, the patient has spasm of the pelvic floor which can be relieved with reassurance.
-In second degree, the spasm is present but maintained throughout the pelvis even with reassurance.
-In third degree, the patient elevates the buttocks to avoid being examined.
-In fourth degree vaginismus (also known as grade 4 vaginismus), the most severe form of vaginismus, the patient elevates the buttocks, retreats and tightly closes the thighs to avoid examination.

Secondary vaginismus

Secondary vaginismus occurs when a woman who has previously been able to achieve penetration develops vaginismus. This may be due to physical causes such as a yeast infection or trauma during childbirth, or it may be due to psychological causes. The treatment for secondary vaginismus is the same as for primary vaginismus, although, in these cases, previous experience with successful penetration can assist in a more rapid resolution of the condition.[/b][/b]

Hope this information helps some of you out there and that there may be some other people for me to talk to or share stories with about this condition smile[/size][/size][/size]

pixie ^.^

Hey Bexpixie,

I can totaly sympathise with you. I too have Vaginismus, however the primary condition. I believe I developed this from the fear of using tampons when I was younger.
Anyway somehow my partner and I have managed to conceive naturally (Im only about 4 or 5 weeks) but I am now really scared of giving birth naturally incase my muscles spasm.
Would love to hear from anyone else out there who has given birth with this condition?

Hi Ladies

I don't know if you are still on here or not - but was wandering if this is still an issue for you, and if it isn't how did you resolve it? I have primary vaginismus. I was able somehow miraculously to naturally concieve my daughter who is now 18 months old. However since she has been born nothing has changed and it is still as painful as ever. I know there are multidisciplinary clinics you can go to in Auckland (I went there once or twice and then i got pregnant!) It does take a toll on my relationship with my husband and I would love to know if you guys managed to resolve it.


Hi there, I too have primary vaginismus and was somehow able to conceive. I am now freaking out about all the tests involved during pregnancy and of course, the birth. And having to tell people about my problem along the way. Any words of advice for me about choosing a LMC and what to expect? I would really, really appreciate it! I am in Auckland and currently at about 6 weeks.
Hi Emma

I freaked out too about tests and "swabs" and things, just make sure your doctor and your LMC know that you have vaginisumus. I told my doctor and having a swab taken was so unbearable that we didn't do them at all. Birth will also be difficult and the specialist I was seeing before I got pregnant advised for me to have an elective cesarean, they say that the stress of having the baby naturally could mean that sex after the baby is born could be almost impossible. I had a cesarean because I didn't want to make an already bad situation even worse. My midwife was really good about the whole thing. Hope this helps smile Let me know if you have any other questions smile

Thank you so much for replying! I wasn't really sure if I'd hear back from anyone. smile

I told my GP a while back in a sobbing mess, as I find it so awkward to even talk about. So not looking forward to finding and telling my LMC. I'm not sure what part of Auckland you're in, but would you mind letting me know the name of your midwife? It would be reassuring to know that they have dealt with this before, but I guess I'm just gonna have to be honest with whoever I end up with.
No worries smile I still find it awkward and I have talked to so many different doctors/nurses etc... You're LMC will be fine about it - nothing they haven't heard before! I'm in Mangere Bridge and my midwife was Judy Graham, she was operating out of the Mangere Bridge Doctors there but unsure if she still is as my little girl is almost two now! Definitely recommend her and I have her number if you would like it smile It's all scary at first and especially as lots of people don't know what vaginismus is and don't understand why you're having a c-section but it all works out. Hope this helps!

Thanks again replying. I am over on the Shore, so guess I will find someone more local, thanks though. Thanks for your words of encouragement and congratulations on your little girl. smile
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