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sore neck Lock Rss

i had my bubs 2mths ago but in the last 6weeks my neck has been sore to turn or stretch i had a c-section by spinal just wondering has anyone else had this problem n any solutions.

are you breastfeeding???????????
i got very sore neck and back with my first with my holding position will feeding

or do you think its from the block

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Hi Simone, I have always had a problem with my neck and having bubs has made it worse, I recommend seeing an osteopath for relief. I see one on a regular basis, they work on muscle as well as musculoskeletal and I always feel 100% better after a session.

mum 2 b due 3rd june

Hey Simone,
I hope you were able to find the solution to their issue smile Since this is an old thread, just trying my luck here.. Curious to find out if anyone on here has gone to a chiropractor before for neck pain? I'm having a terrible neck pain after giving birth to my second baby.. A mate recommended but I don't have much expertise in the area so any advice is appreciated!!
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