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Studying with a bubba Lock Rss


I will be returning to university 3 weeks after my baby is due to continue my studies. My partner will be staying home with bub during the hours I will be away as he works shift work, I was just wondering if anyone else has juggled a baby with studying at uni/tafe and how they managed it? Any tips?

Thanks smile

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

I finished my law degree when DD1 was only tiny, and am now studying my masters with a 2 year old a 1 year old and a 4 month old.

It is definitely possible, but you need to be realistic. I realised I wasnt going to get chunks of time so I set myself the goal of doing half an hour a day. Not much, true, but I never only do that much, that is just my goal. By setting my goals lower if I don't achieve them if the kids are having a dodgy day I don't beat myself up. THAT is the key.

Main thing is don't set unrealistic goals because you will only end up disappointed. set goals that are achievable, and in fact below that which you think you can actually do, that way anything more you feel like is a bonus.

More than happy to expand on anything at all, feel free to post back here or pm me smile Been studying forever lmao.

I started my last year of uni when my DS was two weeks old. I found the easiest way to get through it was to plan my study time and time to complete assignments and stick to it so they would be finished on time. Also, most of my assignment work happened at night when DS was asleep. The first semester back after DS was born was my most organised for my entire five year degree!

It can be tricky at times but it is good that you have your partner to help out. Best of luck.
Thanks for the positive helpful replies smile It's great to know there is other mums out there doing it happy When I found out I was expecting I wasnt sure if I was doing the right thing by going back to uni, but your replies have made me feel much more confident with my choice smile Thankyou for all the tips regarding expressing, setting aside time to study and goal setting. PrincessesDaddynMe - Did your milk supply stay up with expressing? Also, did you breastfeed when you were at home, and if so did you have any trouble with your daughter getting confused between breast and bottle? jax1 and christobelle - who looked after your babies while you were at uni?

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

It is reassuring to read the replies on here. I am starting full time study on the 21st Feb, DS2 will be 2 and a half months old. Both DS's will be going to daycare full time. I managed going back to work 3-4 days a week, when DS1 was 3 months and still breast fed until he was a year old so hoping with expressing 3 times a day while at uni will be able to manage the same this time.

Bit scared about how things will go, with 2 wee boys and a DH to look after as well as house and keeping on top of the study. But just have to keep in my mind that it is the best thing for our family in the long run, the next 3 years might be a struggle but it will be worth it.

If so many other mums can manage it succesfully hopefully I can as well.

I did my last year of study externally so I could be more flexible with my time. When I did my final 15 week placement I was fortunate enough to have two sets of grandparents and one set great grandparents to help me out. They now have a fantastic relationship with DS.

Its worth it in the end when you get your degree smile I knew if I stopped mid degree that I probably wouldn't finish it
im glad i found this thread!
my baby is due mid year. im in my last year of nursing at uni and im pretty determined to finish it. i go to a small uni and i have been given permission to bring bubs along when i only have tutes or when baby is too tiny to go to day care etc. im excited to do it and its nice to see im not the only one taking it on! i actually cant wait to get back to uni, the semesters always go so quickly while im at uni so i hope it makes bubs come faster lol
good luck to everyone smile
I too am glad that I found this thread. I've got a 3 week old, and am hoping to continue my studies full time by distance when uni begins in another 3 weeks. When I first came home, I thought this was not a possibility at all, but every day I think I can manage a little bit more! I'm excited about it now - and agree, organisation must be the key!
Congrats to all you mums & mums to be who are studying! It's great to see and hear your stories. Can't believe some of you are studying with tiny bubs! DS is 6 months and I'm freaking about going back this semester lol.

Tropical2705 the exact same thing happened to me! DS was due July in my final year! I took a leave of absence after I had him as I wasn't able to complete my clinical placement and I didn't think I could handle exams with him.

I am also planning to continue BF while studying and I'm getting advice from a lactation consultant I was put into contact with.

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