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For those mums already with 3 or more Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm just wondering when you got your body back after the 3rd?
I'm due in October with no.3 and trying to work out if I should invest in some more maternity clothes for summer.
How long after birth of your 3rd were you out of maternity pants/shorts?

I had my 3rd a little over 1 yr ago. I'm not back to my normal size or weight befor I 1st fell preg with DD1 than DD2. I wouldn't buy more maternity clothes. I still have boob tubes from when I was pregnant with DD1 (3yrs ago) I brought them from Jay Jays they lasted me 3 whole pregnancies plus I wore them after the birth. I think I got 3 for $20 best money I have EVER spent!! I still have them but I only wear them around the house when its hot cause they are sooo comfy!! They will be used for rags soon sad LOL!

It's really up to you if you want to spend money on clothes that won't fit you for very long if your aim is to loose the baby weight asap!
im preg with #3 now but as far as maternity clothes i personally think theyre a waste of money, you pay so much more for an item because the word 'maternity' is in front of it.
there are so many styles of clothes in shops like kmart and target, and just jeans have some beautiful stuff atm that would be perfect for summer that are tight until under the breasts then loose below, perfect for after bubs born and can be pulled above the breast so bub can be snug underneath to bf.
same with skirts just get a larger size and ones with elastic rather then zippers. there are lots of styles that can save you $$ AND you can still wear them after you loose the weight as theyre designed to sit loosely! smile win win!
a friend of mine bought a maternity top for nearly $50 and yes it looked nice but i bought sone that looked similar and functioned the same as hers but for only $10! i just cant justify it myself. good luck with the birth!! X
well my #3 will be 3wks on wed. i am my normal size now, just missing a little elasticity, hehe. i never bothered with maternity clothes, waste of money imo, but each to their own. i just wore my old singlet tops that i didnt really like anymore anyways so i didnt care if they stretched. they were only cheapies.
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