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How long to lose the weight? Lock Rss

With only 7 weeks to go I am starting to look forward to being able to wear my normal clothes again and buy some nice new ones.

Just wondering how much weight people put on in total during their pregnancy and how long it was before they lost it and fit into their pre pregnancy clothes again??
it shouldn't take too long i still fitted in my regular clothes at the end of my pregnancy i gained 12kg and it took about a week or two to loose it all smile i did breast feed which is meant to help smile
I gained 14kgs in my first pregnancy, lost 10kgs in the couple of weeks after she was born but put it all back on plus a few extra kgs laugh

With my second pregnancy I gained 4kgs and lost 15kgs in the following week and have managed to keep it off grin

It was so exciting to fit back in my old clothes this time lol
With DS1 I gained 10kg and was back to pre pregnancy weight by the time he was 3 weeks old.
DS2 I gained 7kg and had lost 10kg when he was 2 weeks old.
Just don't put to much pressure on yourself to lose the baby weight. Goodluck!


I put on a whopping 21kgs by the time I was 2 weeks overdue with my son. I lost about 13kgs from the birth and in the next 2 months (and all I did was sit around feeding him).

I was in my pre preg jeans by the time he was 5 months old.

Most of my friends have been pretty similar to that - plenty of weight gain, without too much hard work to get off after they had baby. Most feeling pretty good again by 6 months (which goes really fast).

Good luck
I think I put on 8-10kg for DS, (came 6w early, so would have been more), and was back to my normal weight (but not shape) about 4 weeks later. Beware the saggy belly and wider hips!! After about 4-5 months I could fit most of my pre-pregnancy jeans/pants - hurrah!

Word of warning though - I had small boobs pre-preg, and after birth I couldn't fit any of my shirts for 9 months or so, as they seemed all too short after accommodating my boobs. This time I will invest in some proper maternity tops, as I felt like I ended up wearing the same shirt for 9 months!
Thanks for all your replies.

I have put on about 14kg so far, alot of fluid though and am still going to the gym and walking so hopefully it will come off nice and quickly and I can get back into the old clothes.

We are heading for a beach holiday when bub will be about 3 months old, don't think I'll quite be rocking the bikini by then though! tongue
I think it all depends on how healthy your diet is during and after the pregnancy plus how much you put on. I was lucky and only put on 8kgs during pregnancy, although i ate all the time, i always craved healthy stuff. I was back to my pre pregnancy weight, although a but jigglier then before lol, 2 days after i had her but have put on 3 kgs since. Im not eating as well though as i find i miss meals so grab something quick to get me through.
Im not sure how much i put on through the pregnancy but bubs now almost 5 months and ive still got 10kgs to go to be back down to my pre pregnancy weight = /... It just aint budging for me even with joggin and zumba and having a overall pretty active life and fairly decent food intake it wont go anywhere...

Dont put pressure on to get back down to your pre baby weight straight away as you will exhaust yourself = )
i put on about 10-12 kg. lost it within the first 2 wks. i think i might even be a kg or 2 lighter. grin my belly still looks weird tho. no elasticity. lol. grrr
I put on 15kg. The first 10kg dropped off within a couple weeks but it took about another 7 months to shift the rest. Since then, I have dropped an extra couple kilos. I didn't really do any formal exercise or special diet. Just ate like I did before I got pregnant and I think I am more active just being a Mum!
i put on 10kgs with my first pregnancy... it took only 2 weeks to loose 7kgs, but over the following 6 months being a stay at home mum, i managed to put it all back on again!!! I have since lost that weight (2 years later!!), but i'm now pregnant with bub#2 and hope to get straight back into shape after birth and stay that way! Good luck grin
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