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Lose weight without exercising... Lock Rss

Vegetarian diets helps in Losing weight. In fact its the healthy diet for New moms to reduce their pregnancy weight and good tip to lose weight without exercise.
LeeLee89 wrote:
Is there some sort of thing that i can do to loose a little baby weight without exercising? haha I am about 73kg now, i really want to get down to about 60, i was 63 pre pregnant.

Im guessing something like the lemon detox is out of the question seeing as im BFing...

I dont particually like exercise roll eyes I did start to walk but it is far too hot to be walking with bub and then by the time it does get cool enough i have to get dinner ready and do bedtime routine with bubba and by the time thats over its 8pm.

i am a pretty bad eater at times, there is always chocolate, lollies, biscuits in the house because DP is a serious snacker! I eat cereal for breakfast (weetbix or sports plus or something like that) generally ham/chicken cheese tomato sandwhiches/cruskits for lunch and then a pretty good dinner, its just all the in between snacking. And its hard cuz all that stuff is in the house. And i have no self control cuz lets face it...its easy food.

if anyone has any ideas, i would greatly appreciate it! grin

I am not an health analyst, but I have lost 8 kgs of my weight in a year. From my views, to lose weight one should do regular exercise, but in your case I would like to tell you to do meditation and try to avoid rice, pasta and over eating. As over eating causes weight gain.
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