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“baby wrist" or Carpal tunnel syndrome Lock Rss

Is there any new mums here whose muscles in the hand/arms area hurt? Mine has been hurting for the last 2-3 weeks. I browsed the internet and think this might be what's knwn as "baby wrist" or Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Anyone got any fast solutions, traditional or natural health ways of making this go away?

I have to use my hand to pick up and hold bub for long period each day, i really can't do with hands that hurt whenever i need to use them.
I had carple tunnle in pregnancy. It hurts in your hand and wrist and you get a lump in your wrist too.

The best way to treat it is with a compression bandage. You wrap this cotton wool looking stuff around your wrist and then a bandage over top. Not too tight just firm and so you still have movement. Its pretty cheap from a chemist where they can also help you wrap it.

I still get it every now and then but not as bad as when pregnant.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Mine started on my third trimester. My right hand tingled a lot, but if I stretch my hand the tingle slowly goes away. My left hand was a bit more different. It really HURT and no amount of stretching will make the pain go away. I rest every couple of mouthfuls when I eat because of the pain, and writing in my journal takes forever because I had to rest every few words (and my handwriting became terrible).

The occupational therapist I saw advised me to use a splint, which I was able to obtain from the local pharmacy. It has a metal bar and velcro straps. The metal bar can be switched so that you can use it for either your left or right hand. You have to be careful when you pick up bub while you are using it though. Because I really, really needed it. I didn't take it off when I picked up bub to nurse and it was really difficult to do that without any kind of wrist action. So I take it off when I need to, and put it back again as soon as I could.

I have used the splint for two months until I read about Baltic amber. At the time, I was looking for natural teething solutions until I read that Baltic Amber also helps with carpel tunnel. I gave it a go. On my second day of using it, I was in Pilates class and I remember one of the ladies asked me about my necklace (I had forgotten to take it off) and I told her it was for my carpel tunnel and I remember saying to her that I can still feel the symptoms, but has definitely reduced.

It has been three weeks now. I still feel the symptoms now and again but the only times it really hit me is when I forget to wear it (I take it off before I shower). I honestly feel so much better. I haven't touched my splint since the Baltic Amber necklace.

I have been obsessed about Baltic amber ever since. Here are a couple of websites, if you are interested:

(I have purchased teething necklaces, anklets and my necklace from these shops)

All the best, and I hope this helps. smile
I too have been obsessed with Baltic amber for years to ever since I tried it with my little boy Tom when he was teething it seemed to work miracles.

I remember when I told all my friends about it they thought I was some kind of nut case and I hadn't had enough sleep. smile

But this stuff is incredible it's amazing to think that all these natural remedies are out there that we don't know about them. Imagine how many other natural remedies that are out there in plants and materials that we have never tested.

I got my amber teething necklace from here

Baltic amber teething necklace
Hi, I had this during pregnancy also, my midwife said to run cold water over my wrists for about 5-10 minutes at night or when it was really bad and this worked for me. Mine was awful at night so I did it just before bed and it mostly fixed the problem smile
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