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when did your linea nigra go? Lock Rss

Just wondering when everyones linea nigra disappeared? its almost four months since bubs was born and mine is still fairly prominant.
Bit curious as to other peoples experience with this

I don't think that I ever got it or if I did it was so pale it was not noticeble

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Dont get me wrong it doesnt bother me in the slightest having it there it's just with DS it went away within a few weeks. I know every experience is different just was a tad curious is all.

I have mine and DD is one month old. However i heard it can stay while breast feeding because its hormone related. Hope it disappears eventually as mine is quite prominent on my pale skin!

After my first it went after a couple of months with my second it never actually disappeared and is still there with this pregnancy.. It hasn't gotten darker yet.

LOL, you just made me look...!

Mine is still there, M is 9mths old.
Mine gradually faded and was more or less gone after 9 months.
PinaI wrote:
LOL, you just made me look...!

Mine is still there, M is 9mths old.

Ha... I just did exactly the same thing!! And it has all of a sudden disappeared. DD is 9 months!! I never got one with DS.
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