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Post baby weight loss Lock Rss

Hi huggies mums out there, I have a 2 year old and a 4 week old. I never lot weight after my 2 year old but this time I really need to she'd 30 kg. I just can't find the motivation to eat healthy. Bikkies and chocked become a quick snack when baby is so demanding I find it very hard

Does anyone have any ideas. I bought isowhey so that when I don't have time to eat I can use that but I still find myself reaching for the junk food.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Also I'm formula feeding
I'm going to use Light n Easy. I won't have a lot of energy to devote to making healthy meals, and thought it would be a great time to have a break from cooking. I'll just add in enough fruit, yoghurt etc to get enough cals to keep my milk supply up and when I can exercise again I'll pop the kids in the pram and take them for a daily walk along the river near our house. Hoping it works as I'm in a wedding 4 mths after the birth wink
Maybe you should wait a little bit longer until bub is at least sleeping through the night then maybe focus on healthier eating. I know for me the first 4 months I was a zombie due to lack of sleep & it was the last thing on my mind.

Have a look at my friend got onto it after her 4th bubby and she lost a load of weight..but it's all done in a very steady, healthy way that you can maintain and it's also specifically for mums, pregnancy and breastfeeding.
She got me onto it too, I wasn't following it as such but got some of the smoothie mix and found it really helped me with energy etc so I could get out and walk a bit more. Even if you don't get into it fully, there are some great ideas and really good info on there.
Good luck
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions.

I just checked out the healthy mummy site it sounds good. Can you only get it online though?
I think so, but could be wrong about that!
Hi there
Never put off healthy eating! With a new baby it's important to make healthy choices. It's pretty simple... Don't buy crap.
Cut out the sugar.
Ditch the protein powders. Instead try eating a small amount protein with each meal. Eggs are perfect, good quality dairy, sprinkle some LSA on some natural full fat yogurt with slices banana, homemade bean dip or hummus with veggie sticks, fruit, etc.
focus on eating healthy fats, they'll keep you satisfied for longer.
Get out and do some walking once your body has recovered from giving birth.
The weight will come off... It's still early days smile

I am kitty wink

I used the MyNetDiary app to keep an online food diary. This made sure I ate healthy well balanced meals.

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