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could it be the return of my period?? Lock Rss

hi ladies!!
dd2 is 6.5wks old. my lochia cleared up & was finished for about a week. now I have a dark brown discharge, with red streaks when wiping. I also have that period feeling - lower back pain, discomfort in tummy, muscle aches, sugar cravings, headache...
could it be my period already? dd2 is breastfeeding. dd1 was 5mths before I got first period & I had stopped feeding her by then.
Is there a funky smell too? I had bacterial vaginosis after having DS, which is apparently quite common after giving birth as it's to do with upsetting the bacteria in the vagina. My midwife just got me to do a swab.

I did a tear inside my vagina. it doesn't have a funky smell. i'm seeing the doc for my 6wk check, so I guess she'll know more.
my locia cleared up after about 4 weeks total with my 3rd but then within a week I began spotting again and was told its ok don't worry about it at my 6 wk check... so I didn't. I kept bleeding until 9 weeks when I was rushed to the ED with massive abdominal pain and severe cramping. turns out I had retained product that had become infected (luckily it didn't become septic). had to have antibiotics and a D+C to clear it out.

maybe ask your Dr at the 6 wk check to make sure its not retained product. I was told that my placenta was fully intact post birth too.
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