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still no period, 10 months after birth Lock Rss

I still haven't got my period and my daughter is 10months old. I am still breast feeding.
When did your period come back?
I'm still BF and DS is 11 months old and still no periods.

just enjoy it. I was one of those real lucky people to get theirs back straight away.

Got it 6weeks after having DD1

and after DD2 I got it at 12 weeks (but I did bleed for 11weeks after birth so only got a weeks break)

I would love to have been one of those people that didn't get it for like 6 months or a year after lol

Forever, for always and no matter what

My dd is almost 8 mths and no sign of af yet!

29 days after birth with all three kids the same week my period starts my milk dries up
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