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partners sister is a horror Lock Rss

When I was heavily pregnant there was a lot of drama going on from my partner's sisters. They created this stupid drama (I can't even really explain because it doesn't even make sense to me) and decided to use me as a target in a lot of their deep seated unresolved family issues (basically I got the brunt of the abuse even though it was clear this wasn't about me, it was about past issues)

His sisters are disgusting and even though all I ever wanted to do was get along with family, they have made it impossible.

Yesterday after treating me like shit while I was pregnant and now that I have had my baby, she had rocked up onto our property, started loudly banging on the door while my child was napping in the lounge room nearby, let herself in and then start yelling at my partner.

she then proceeded to tell my partner how much she hated me and wants nothing to do with me (again, I have never treated her poorly in my life, I did however tell her after her last drama she was not welcome a round us) but she wants a relationship with him and my son.

I simply feel furious for a lot of reasons. I never treated her unfairly. I always stuck up for myself and yes I got mad with her but it was after a lot of lies and drama causing on her end.

I feel angry because it makes me sick to my stomach with anxiety and I don't want her near me or my son yet I feel like ill be bullied by my partners family to let this idiot do what she wants.

I ended up crying a fair bit because I didnt even feel safe where we are living (we live on a villa on my partner's dad's property so theyre close by). )like she might do it again!

I cant even relax. I don't feel like I want her to have anything to do with us because she is just a hateful human being who plays the victim and cant even respect the mother of the baby (me!!) I was the one who carried this baby for 9 months and gave birth to him. He is the love of my life and her toxic shit makes me feel unsafe.

im really upset about it as it just constantly feels like my partners family seem to cause a lot of unnecessary drama where my family are so opposite and treat my partner like he is their own blood.

I dont know anyone else been through this? I feel horrible that its even happening
He has told her that while she chooses to treat me like this she is not welcome at ours.

im grateful because I know my partner is on my side. He also knows we spent all our time and throughout my pregnancy minding our own damn business so this whole outburst has been a pain in the butt.

all I want to do is spend time with my partner and son before my partner goes back to work as well as bonding and here I am at 350am unable to sleep when I should be napping because this drama just gives me knots in my stomach.

Unfortunately my partner's stepmum who lives on the same property as us is pushing for things to be okay now when I feel so hurt and angry im not ready to invite or even entertain a relationship with the sister.

I don't know what the sister expected because im with my son basically 24/7 and im not letting him go over to her house while she says such disgusting immature things about me.

I don't even want to be a part of this, I just happen to have been dragged into this and its become bullying and harrassment (shes previously texted and the fact that she rocks up unvited yelling etc)

honestly I feel like crap. I ended up saying to my partner if she ever does that again I will take our son and myself to my mother's place until we move! (Thats how upset its made me)
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