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Advice with contraception while breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hi All! I'm new to this forum, a first time mum with my little boy due on 14/5. While it's a bit early, I've been looking into my contraception options after baby's delivery. I will be breast feeding so the Pill is not an option. Therefore, I'm seriously looking into the mini pill or the injection. Do any of you have personal experience with either of these and can offer any pros or cons regarding them? Thanks smile
Personally I would never have the injection due to potential side effects.

I've been on the mini pill since 2000.....yes over 13 years. Had no problems. Only thing is cycle length is a bit unpredictable. One month 24 days, next month 28 days, next month 26 days etc but nothing too crazy. The way I make sure I never forget my pill is to have it in a little tin next to my bed along with my water bottle. I take it 1st thing in the morning before I do anything. Even if my son wakes up crying or whatever I always take my pill immediately on waking up in the morning. It's become a habit now and can't remember the last time I forgot it.

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