So, my DS started sleeping through the night two weeks ago! The first few mornings were agony, as I was so full by morning' but then that settled. Yesterday though I woke up feeling fairly full and my breast was sooo sore. He fed from that side, drained it and still all day it felt sore to touch, almost like it was bruised all over. And this morning it's really bad again. Have yet to feed him, he has just started squawking so I should get him out, but it's starting to worry me. There is no hard lump or anything that I can feel, and it feels bruised all over, not just in the one spot. I also don't feel feverish or anything that could indicate mastitis. I'm just worried because we are going away for two weeks tomorrow and I don't want to be sick!

Any ideas on what it could be? And any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!