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6 Week postpartum check up?? Lock Rss

I was never offered or told about a 6 week post baby checkup for me? Is this normal?
I know in Australia, not sure about NZ, if you have a baby you are entitled to a 6 week post baby checkup for yourself and for bubs. Usually this is when bubs will have thier first vaccinations too. But yes, you should have been offered a checkup free of charge. When my boy had his 6 week check up I wanted to be checked too (down there) and I just asked the doctor while she was checking baby and then she checked me after bubs. You should be asking your doctor about your checkup.

The purpose of a postpartum checkup is to check on your emotional and physical well-being, as well as your physical care in the future. If you are really anxious call your doctor and ask about the check-up. It is in fact a good opportunity to ask any questions you have about breastfeeding, postpartum exercises, birth control methods, and any other concerns. Keep your questionnaire ready before your appointment, as life is really busy and tiring in those early days, so you might skip one of your doubts. Your doctor will also ask if you’re experiencing incontinence, constipation, or hemorrhoids — common concerns at postpartum exams. However, six week check is not a deadline, most women continue to recover till 8 weeks or more and it’s perfectly OK.
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