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Postnatal depression risk reduces when new mums make time for themselves Lock Rss

A new study shows that if you make time for yourself as a new mum you reduce the risk of PND….

How do you make time for yourself?
e.g. going for a walk; treating yourself?

Tell us how you grab 5 minutes or more of pure 'me' time!
I'm really lucky to have an understanding partner. He knows how much I struggled with depression as a teenager and again now that I am a mum. I had a pretty traumatic (for me) birth last time round and was feeling very unable to cope. I didn't breastfeed so it wasn't too difficult for me to get an early night while he settled bub. One night he sat me down and asked if I'd like a day off. Of course I agreed, I could do whatever I wanted for a full 24hrs. That first day off, I didn't know what to do with myself. I had a nice sleep in, a hot shower, got my hair done and did the groceries. But it wasn't the same without my little boy.
He is now 2 and I still have a 'day off' but it usually just means that I'm not the one who changes his nappy or prepares his meals. I still give him cuddles when he hurts himself, I'm still there for him if he needs me and if I go to the shop the boys (bub and dad) usually come with me. Its important to have time to yourself even if it is just sleeping in an extra hour. I'm so much happier when I have my me time. My partner has time off too, he usually spends his time on the computer playing games while me and bub visit my mum.
Hope someone finds this helpful.
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